The bees have made a start collecting honey and bringing in pollen, the blossom is glorious, the grass is growing again and we are waiting – for a baby to be born.

There are still some things in life we can’t make an appointment for and I like that.

We had friends staying, one was waiting for the wind to be right for paragliding. He had one good flight of 4 hours from Malvern to Oswestry, powered only by the wind and his canopy which fits into a rucksack. The other days he was hopeful and waited and once had a brief upward flight, but mostly it was waiting and watching the sky. Our other friend, joined me with the children making the most of each sunny moment as her husband waited for the wind and we waited for the baby.

I’m trying to complete a small book based on paintings of children, fitting the work in between looking after these same grandchildren. It’s touch and go as to whether or not I’ll have a finished book in time for my Artweeks exhibition as the new baby is overdue by a week, having been expected to arrive early – she has thrown everyone’s plans. It looked as if it was about to arrive a week ago and so we had 4 glorious sunny days – the sort of rare magical time you remember for ever – with the 2 older children and dog here. We built a stick house in Foxholes wood,

the door

we had a picnic by the Oxford Canal, we made nests for an easter egg hunt, made bread, excavated the vegetable garden…..  The children came with me to see proofs for cards at the printers and to take paintings to be framed. This week we’re looking forward to our York grandchild coming.

So now in the lull before the storm – because the baby WILL come –  I’m sending out my mailing, updating my website and trying to get the book designed and planned. There are so many decisions to make with a book – format, type face and colour, size, binding, cover, end pages, box……. so come to the exhibition and see if I made it. Two of the children will be here (playing shop) the second weekend. It all creates the texture, tone, line and colour of life and I love it. This waiting means we live every day as it comes and with no expectation for tomorrow. Young children are good at this too.

Children are welcome at my exhibitions.

holding - a new cousin



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