Tbilisi time travel


A visit in March to see our son in Tbilisi,  Georgia –  with a side trip to Armenia and a stop off in Istanbul on the way home to find where my grand-parents met in the 1920’s.

Wild cyclamens are for sale on the streets for woman’s day, picked a day ago in the mountains.

mts and soviet era blocks

Soviet era blocks of apartments edge  the city with a backdrop of snowy peaks.



There is the old door of our guesthouse and the wooden balconies in the Old Town of Tbilis.

balconiesGeorgia and Armenia have the very oldest christian churches and monasteries. There is the little 6th century church tucked away in Tbilisi’s back alleyways.

caves davit gareja

There are the cave monasteries of Davit Gareja, with their frescoes, that date from the 6th century, in a bleak and open landscape. We stepped in and out of Azerbaijan high up on the mountain.

armenian church with treesIn Armenia there are ancient churches and monasteries set high in the mountains. Sanahin monastery and it’s church, which dates back to 928, is in need repair. There are trees growing from the roof.

In the museum in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia is the world’s oldest shoe. It’s leather and it’s 5500 yrs old, found in a cave in 2008.

Two academics are staying in our guesthouse, who are researching the geology and pollen environment surrounding the finding in Georgia, a couple of years ago, of the 1.8 million years old  remains of Homo Erectus.

And then there are the Caucasus mountains. How old are they…..?

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