Summer 2013

The first morningJersey -  thriftJersey -  mistJersey  - First on the beach 23 x 23.5 framed size 44 x 44 £390Jersey empty beach 16.5x16cm £290Carteret - looking back to Jersey summer - CornwallSoulage - eveningMorning mountain £350Moon and mountain 22 x 21cm framed 37 x 36 £390 Glacial stream 16.5x16cm £190Lake 16.5x16cmMisty morning 16.5x16cmThe path 16.5x16cmLarge landscape, small painting 16.5x16cmEcrin 16.5x16cmThe path 2 118x18.5cmAlpine Yellow Foxgloves 16.5x16cmGlacial lakeA very blue lake £325Hairbells and lakeEcrin peaksMorning 3 Ecrin peaks 2

Including paintings from Jersey and France. A series of paintings experiment with scale. Expansive Alpine views painted very small – 16.5 x 16cm, using pastel and acrylic on thick watercolour paper and thin birch ply.